It's time to chase your definition of success

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What does success feel like to you? 

Not someone else, but YOU?

This question is at the core of the book. As I've coached and interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, I realized that there were commonalities among how new entrepreneurs viewed themselves and “success”. ​

If you’re anything like most accidental entrepreneurs (someone who follows a passion and “ends up” starting a business), you’ve likely fallen into the trap of what success “should” look and feel like. And when you’re trapped in the cycle of “shoulds” and comparison, this doesn’t allow for the true freedom you were seeking when you started your business.

In this motivational and actionable book, I share several key questions to ask yourself so that you can truly uncover your confidence as an entrepreneur and unapologetically chase your definition of success.

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Let's break it down
  • Chapter 1 | Your Y.O.U. Promise
    The key component to a successful business for the Accidental Entrepreneur is you and that’s why I created the Y.O.U. Method to help guide your entrepreneurship journey. By creating your Y.O.U. Promise you will have a strong foundation for your business and a guide, no matter what comes your way.
  • Chapter 2 | Your Deep-Down-Honest WHY
    If you know your deep-down-honest why behind being an entrepreneur, you’ll figure out the how. Uncovering your why is personal and doesn’t have to be shared with anyone but through doing this, you’ll set the strongest foundation for your business.
  • Chapter 3 | Claim True-To-You Values
    You don’t need the “teamwork” poster on your wall, what you need are true-to-you values that you actually live by and that guide your decisions as an entrepreneur and leader. In this chapter you won’t find a list of values to choose from but better yet a process for uncovering the values that are true to you.
  • Chapter 4 | Define Success On Your Terms
    Defining success is a personal journey but it’s critical to define what it means for you as an entrepreneur before others define it for you so that you can stay focused and truly build the life and business of your dreams. This chapter walks you through this process.
  • Chapter 5 | Identify Your Boundaries
    If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, by your definition, you have to be willing to learn and implement boundaries for yourself and how you work. This takes time and practice but in this chapter you will find tactical tips on how to do this and inspiration from other entrepreneurs.
  • Chapter 6 | Find Your People
    As much we want to do it all on our own, we need support from others on our entrepreneurship journey so it’s important to find those people who can celebrate with you as well as help you through the tough stuff. In this chapter you’ll find a list of specific people to have in your corner as a entrepreneur and how to find those people and utilize their support.
  • Chapter 7 | Tap Into Your Strengths
    We often focus on what we want to fix about ourselves, especially as entrepreneurs trying to do it all, but it will serve us more if we tap into our natural strengths and allow those to help propel us on this journey. In this chapter you’ll find examples of how to do this and what to do once you know how you work best.
  • Chapter 8 | Find Financial Confidence
    If we didn’t talk about finances, you would just have an expensive hobby on your hands so we have to get clear on finding financial confidence as an entrepreneur. In this chapter you’ll find tactical tools to help support you as you dive into the finances and lots of encouragement along the way too.
  • Chapter 9 | Set Realistic Goals
    In order to actually achieve your definition of success you’ll need to break it down into manageable pieces and the key to doing this well is setting realistic goals, not just goals but realistic ones. In this chapter I’ll share my go-to method of setting and tracking goals that is applicable no matter what systems or tools you prefer in your business.

And I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs define success for themselves and then chase that unapologetically. 

After finding myself chasing what I "should" be chasing I'm on a mission to help you from falling into this same trap. 

I can't wait to get this book into your hands! 

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